Toys, toys and more toys

Looking at some of my favourite Star Wars toys and collectibles

Hi, welcome to the second issue of Discussing Star Wars. I was going to start to share my thoughts on the new Kenobi cast but I thought I would hold off on that one and do something a bit more off the cuff and talk Star Wars toys and collectables. Merchandise is a huge part of Star Wars and goes back as far as the original movies, in fact it was the first franchise to really kick into the toy market in a big way.

As a kid in the 80’s I grew up with scenes like this when I went into the local stores

As a 6 year old I saw Return of the Jedi in the cinema and Star Wars was (and still is) everything to me. I remember walking into the store in our village and almost always using my pocket money to get a new figure, I still have most of them. I keep them close to me for nostalgia and inspiration when I’m feeling down.

I’ve had some of them for 40 years and they surround me, in fact pretty much anywhere I look in my house I see something reminding me of Star Wars.

My favourite types are probably figures, vehicles and props. I have a lightsaber (Etsy find), Helmets and loads of figures around the place that I just love to have around.

Anyway what are some of my favourite old and new Star Wars things.

Kenner AT-AT - my most played with vehicle and one that I still have in the attic right now but was played with by my own family until recently.

Luke (Jedi Knight) - went everywhere with me and still with me, see above.

EFX Stormtrooper helmet - discontinued now but I picked one up around 2012, got to get a Star Wars helmet in the collection if you haven’t got one already. Check out black series.

I’m a huge Boba Fest fan, see below

Also Chewie

You can also pick up some cool collectables on Prop Store. I spend way too much time looking on there at things I can’t afford but I did pick this up for a birthday treat a couple of years ago.

What about things to get now?

I’ve tended to lean towards Black Series (figures and helmets) and Lego these days. Here are a few sets that I picked up recently and some I’m looking forward to.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little dig into the toys, let me know what are some of your favourites.