The Book of Boba Fett

Thoughts on the trailer

Coming 29th December 2021 to Disney + is The Book of Boba Fett and we have our first trailer.

Overall I really enjoyed the trailer and it looks like they are going all in on the underworld. Gone is Jabba and as we saw at the end of the Mandalorian Season 2 Boba has now taken over the throne.

Highlights for me

  • The first thing we see (from Return of the Jedi) is the B’omarr Monks. These are a really creepy and cool part of Star Wars and I recommend you reading the link to see what they are about

  • New Armour, along with the refinish that we saw in Mando season 2 it now seems the armour has some modifications including a new boiler suit and also already seeing some wear and tear (which is great, Star Wars should be worn in)

  • Tatooine is a large planet, it’s great to see a new part of it. There is a large looking city with someone on the throne, who Boba is appearing to approach to make a bargain with. This must be early on in the series is my guess, it’s a nice look at a new location

  • We get some classic aliens (including Trandoshans) in what appears to be Boba again trying to make allies and start off his plans

  • We get a lot of Fennec Shand, which is great. I’ve loved the character in both Mandalorian and The Bad Batch and in all of the portrayals of the character, Ming-Na Wen is awesome as usual

  • A Return of the Jedi vibe is definitely present, which is great because it’s number 2 (sometimes top) in my ranking of movies. It’s the first one I saw in the cinema as a kid and Jabba’s palace still sticks with me as one of the favourite elements of the films

It’s not clear to me who is doing the score but there heavy use of the Boba theme from The Mandolorian and it’s one of my favourites.

I really feel that this is going to be a different feel to what we have seen so far from Disney + and Star Wars. I also feel like we will see some call-backs to characters we know like Bossk and Dengar (I really want to see Bossk).

I hope you are looking forward to this, let me know what are your favourite bits of the trailer.

May the force be with you…