Star Wars Visions!

Wow, just wow

I’ve now finished the Star Wars Visions series on Disney + and I’m completely blown away at how good it was. For me one the draws of Star Wars is the force, the Jedi and all the mystic and life lessons stuff. This series has it in spades and might also have my new favourite Jedi.

I must have watched The Village Bride episode 10 times already, the music and themes and the meaning are why I love Star Wars. I really want a whole series just on this character, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for it.

For me, this episode is up there with the best content that has been released under Disney so far. I encourage everyone reading this to stop what you’re doing and watch this episode if you haven’t already and let me know what you think.

Here’s the direct link to the series information. If you’re after the music from this particular episode, unfortunately it’s not been released but here’s a great cover.