Star Wars in Lego form...

Appreciating Lego

Like most people, growing up with Lego was pretty normal but it wasn’t until the last few years that I appreciated what Lego was doing with its Star Wars license. I have a good few sets including a Yoda that sits next to my desk in the office, just a reminder to be patient and not be too caught up in the what if’s or future events. I also have the Falcon set (not the expensive collectors edition) half broken now in a box, that reminds me I don’t have the space for too many sets.

I’ve been looking at some of the new releases this week and wanted to point out a few of interest that I might have to dip into once I sort some full time employment out.

Some of my favourite sets I’ve built on my own or with my family

Intertesting Links

  • I enjoyed reading this piece on the official Star Wars blog about the animation studios, definitely worth a read if you enjoy them

That’s it for this weeks newsletter - May the Force be with you.