Star Wars games

Star Wars has had a good history with gaming, I remember being a kid in the 1980’s playing the Arcade Cabinet.

I had to be pulled out of it most days, it brought the feeling of destroying the Death Star and for me it’s still one of my favourite games. Seems basic now with it’s line graphics but back then it was stunning. I still remember it coming to the ZX Spectrum and playing it constantly at home. Next up for the home machines for me was Return of the Jedi., it didn’t do it for me as much as the original New Hope one above but any Star Wars game at home was always something to look forward to.

It took a while but the next big one for me was on PC this time, X-WING vs TIE Fighter. It was the first PC game I played and I couldn’t believe how well it played and sounded. Still a game I look fondly on and the first simulator game that hit home with me. There was a great story line and at the time the graphics were a big jump on anything I had played before.

It took until the prequels for me to get back into playing great Star Wars games in the form of Racer. It really pushed my PC at the time but was great fun to play and has recently been re-released on modern consoles. The pod race is some of the best stuff from Episode I and this game does a great job at recreating it. I keep meaning to pick it up on the Switch again.

A Star Wars game roundup wouldn’t be worth it without calling out the Rogue Squadron series. Number II for me was my favourite and one of the main reasons I had a gamecube. It played well and ran smoothly, was light years ahead of what I had previously played - still plays well actually I as much as the new EA Squadrons is pretty fun you can’t beat Rogue Squadron.

Now we get into the Battlefront timelines, especially the first one. I loved this game so much and had so much fun playing with two players on the same console in split-screen. Some of the best Star Wars gaming memories I have, the graphics, mission types and music were almost perfect and it was truly immersive as a Star Wars fan playing in locations such as Hoth.

I’m going to bring it up to modern times now and the call out for me is the new Battlefront series. For me I still prefer the first one that came out in 2015. It didn’t have too much complication and no loot boxes to talk of, the levels were great, an excellent soundscape and some great game types. I still miss the AT-AT Assault one and wonder why it wasn’t carried forward to the 2017 version. I still play the 2017 version to this day and particularly enjoy Heroes vs Villains and Galactic Assault game modes. It had a rocky start but over time added enough to make you forget about that and move on. I just wish they had been a bit more diverse on heroes and added some from the animated series - I still can’t believe there’s no Ahsoka or Rex in the game.

The last two to mention is Jedi, Fallen order and Squadrons. I’ve played both and whilst they were good didn’t keep me hooked like Battlefront. I enjoyed the story mode on Fallen order but after a while I ended up getting lost in the maps and just stopped playing. Squadrons is a great call back to X-Wing vs Tie Fighter but the missions all felt a bit samey and I moved on.

Now, A Star Wars open world ala Red Dead Redemption and I’m in.