It's time to talk The Bad Batch

Looking at the new Disney+ series

On May 4th we got the first episode of The Bad Batch on Disney+ and I’m really impressed with the series so far, especially as someone that enjoyed The Clone Wars. Now, you don’t need to know The Clone Wars but I think watching at least the first 3 or 4 episodes of the final season (7) will give you a feel for who The Bad Batch actually are. They may not be for everyone but as someone that grew up with 80’s action movies these guys are great and it’s going to be interesting to see how they develop over the series.

Now, I’m not going to spoil the series for those that haven't seen it so feel free to continue reading. I was debating doing a separate issue after each episode comes out but I didn’t want to spoil any episodes for anyone. If you’d like me to do this, breaking them down maybe or just some thoughts on each one please let me know.

The series itself picks up after the events of Order 66 and sticks with The Bad Batch as they are figuring out for themselves what is going on and coming to terms with The Galactic Empire. It’s hard to talk this series without spoilers but on the whole so far I’ve loved the animation (very much in line with season 7 of The Clone Wars), the same characters I really enjoyed from their Clone Wars appearances and the soundtrack is another Kevin Kiner masterpiece in my eyes, I really enjoyed his work on The Clone Wars. In the first couple of episodes there are also some cameos from previous movies or The Clone Wars that open up the galaxy and link some of the different timelines and stories together, something that I really like to see.

It’s easy to pass on the animated world of Star Wars if you are focussed on the movies or didn’t enjoy this era of story telling but I urge you to give The Clone Wars (it really gets going at the start of season 2 then you’ll be hooked) and Rebels a try. I’ve always been an animated fan but didn’t get into The Clone Wars until a few years ago and I have to say that some of my favourite characters are from these series. I want to go into this in a future issue but Ahsoka, Rex, Cad Bane, Bo Katan and Kanan Jarrus are in my top list of characters now. Having watched this all before The Mandalorian it also really enriched my experience of the second season, no spoilers but I’d imagine you have all watched that series now right? (if you haven’t then get to it!).

Have you watched The Bad Batch?, what do you think?

May the force be with you.