Discussing Boba Fett

Some thoughts on everyones favourite Bounty Hunter

I’ve been holding off on sharing my thoughts on anything to do with The Mandalorian Season 2 but I think we are far enough from it now that I can start to talk about it without the fear of spoiling it for anyone.

Growing up in the 80’s with the original trilogy Boba was one of my favourite, lots of mystique and one of the best looks in all of Star Wars. Mandalorians are still one of my favourite arcs in The Clone Wars series and I’ll eat up everything I get regarding them.

Back in the day Boba Fett was a cool looking bounty hunter but we didn’t know much else, that was one of the things that made him so appealing. I loved that, I even still have my Kenner figure from when I was a kid sat on the shelf in the office at home. When Episode II came out and we got his backstory of being a clone I was very conflicted. Whilst I loved seeing more Mandalorian armour in the guise of Jango Fett I didn’t need to know where Boba came from and I have to admit at the time I didn’t like it.

As I’ve gotten older and seen younger generations views on the prequels and my own love for The Clone Wars series I’ve come to really appreciate them. Yes, for me they don’t always execute well but the ideas are there and George Lucas shows why he is an epic story teller. I grew to enjoy Boba in The Clone Wars coming to terms with where he was and working to get his revenge on Mace Windu, it’s a great arc in Season 2 of The Clone Wars. Now I really like that we have a backstory and I’m even more invested in the character.

Moving into modern times I’d heard rumours of him coming back and was pretty sure he was the character saving Fennec Shand in season 1. When Season 2 started with a bang in that first episode showing his armour then later Boba at the end I was so excited to see him making a come back.

Rising to seeing him in The Tragedy episode being a badass is one of the highlights of all of Star Wars for me - I still watch that episode almost monthly at this point. Going on to see him in further episodes then the reveal of his own series was the icing on the cake.

The Book of Boba Fett

It was a surprise seeing a dedicated series, a very pleasant one. It’s got me thinking about all of the other characters from the past we might see. Remember this is set after Return of the Jedi so no Jabba but I’m hoping we see an appearance from my second favourite bounty hunter - BOSSK. I have to think that they are planning on bringing him back given his appearances in The Clone Wars and his relationship with Boba himself.

As far as the story of the series goes I have no idea what we’ll see, that’s a great thing. Aside from working to bring down other crime lords I have no clue, it’ll be a grittier series than Mandalorian based on what we saw in The Tragedy episode. I don’t see any appearances of ex-imperials but maybe there is a run in with some early seeds of the resistance that we see in the sequel trilogy.

What are you thoughts on Boba? Do you like his entire arc so far? I really want a new Black Series Figure from The Mandalorian version of Boba.

May the force be with you.