Back to it


Hi, I’ve been away for a few weeks between job hunting and new hardware I’ve had a lot going on - apologies for that.

For me at times like this there are lots of lessons I take from Star Wars to keep me going

  • “Always in motion is the future”

  • “Your focus determines your reality”

  • “Breathe…”

I try to slow down and remember these (and others…) to help keep me moving forward and not getting caught up in negative thinking patterns.

In terms of content I’ve been enjoying, well the main thing at the moment is The Bad Batch. This series is past half way now and is just getting better and better. The animation is amazing and the story just keeps getting more compelling and links up nicely to other parts of the universe. I can’t recommend watching this highly enough (after The Clone Wars of course).

I’m going to get back on track and plan out some more in depth content but for now I just wanted to let you know what I was up to and I hope you are all doing well.

May the force be with you


BTW I picked up a black series Ahsoka for inspiration on my desk